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My Chefs new chef connection website My Dream Chef will be up and running in a few months


Clients easily connect with chefs instantly in any city based on there particular needs

Chefs gain business without having to pay booking fees


Social Chefs

Chefs of any experience level from anywhere can connect, share, inspire and grow. Gain knowledge, exposure enter contests and promotions. Anyone can cook anyone can share.


Current Gigs

Until our new site is ready we are able to connect clients with available chefs manually. Fill out the chefs profile question form completely. This will make it easy for us to provide clients with the best fit chef for each particular event.

How it works

My Chef will handle all client contact up until the day of service. This includes, conciliation, menus, pricing and payment. My Chef will forward all client contact information needed to you for the event. You will receive the full sale price of the event minus 11% which includes payment processing. Your money  will be transferred automatically via Pay Pal.